Summer Song: Dreaming

Do you have one of those driving around town songs that you hit on repeat? I have a lot of them- but currently “Dreaming” by Blondie is my summer song. What’s yours?

p.s. There are two months of summer left. Yay!

Fave TV Show: A Chef’s Life


photo of A Chef's Life


Let’s talk about my favorite TV show right now… A Chef’s Life is an award-winning (Peabody award!) cooking show/documentary which follows chef Vivian Howard and her husband, Ben Knight in their day-to-day lives in Kinston, North Carolina (eastern NC) running two restaurants, taking care of their young kids (twins) and trying to balance it all. Luckily they have the support of family and friends helping them out.

Vivian and her husband, Ben, lived and worked in restaurants in NYC and she never planned to return to her hometown- but her parents offered to pay for her to open her own restaurant in Kinston, North Carolina. Who could pass that up? Now they have two restaurants and are bringing tons of fans/foodies to eastern North Carolina to try her food and experience eastern NC. Vivian and Ben try and use local food and products in their restaurants and support NC farmers/artisans.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant- you’ll definitely be able to relate to the stressors of restaurant life. My parents owned a restaurant for several years and you eat, sleep and breathe the business.

Vivian Howard is the real star. She’s lovely, funny, charming and wants her food to be perfect (hey great chefs are perfectionists). Vivian’s husband, Ben, runs the front of the house and yes, they do disagree (which makes for great TV).

I have a real love of North Carolina (my grandparents lived there for several years and my dad spent a lot of his childhood there)- the people, the food, the ocean! Just watching the show makes me want to hop in my car and take a vacay to eastern North Carolina.

If you haven’t seen the show—watch it! You can stream episodes online at A Chef’s Life or find them on your local PBS station. Season 3 debuts this fall. Can’t wait!

p.s. also a cookbook sometime in 2016.