Finds/Faves – Potato Pancakes at The Original Pancake House

Have you visited The Original Pancake House before? The next time you go you’ve gotta to try the potato pancakes. I never met a potato I didn’t like (almost!). Hello carbs!

These potato pancakes (which I’ve enjoyed over the years) have crispy edges and a nice soft, creamy center (I believe they’re made with sour cream). They pair perfectly with applesauce and sour cream. So good! There are several that come in a full order, and good news, you can order a half order.

Here’s a photo of a half order.

So go get them already! The Original Pancake House is in Indy, Fishers and Noblesville.


photo of potato pancakes from Original House of Pancakes

Visit St. Louis – Amighetti’s

Hi! I was recently in St. Louis to visit family and of course had to make a few foodie stops. The next time you visit St. Louis – Amighetti’s is a MUST.

They make one of my all-time favorite sub sandwiches. I can’t replicate it… I’ve tried. I recommend visiting St. Louis to get the real deal. Amighetti’s has been around since the 1920’s so they definitely know what they’re doing.

Here’s the scoop on the sandwich:

Amighetti Special

“Made with ham, choice roast beef, Genoa salami, brick cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, pepperoncini, and special dressing.”


photo of sandwiches from Amighetti's


There are so many things that make this sandwich so tasty…the bread (which you can’t find the same kind in Indy), the meat, the sauce… it all rocks. And, not expensive at all. The special above is a half sandwich with a side and a drink for around 7 bucks. If you get a side- I recommend the coleslaw.

I visited the Rock Hill location (which is super close to Brentwood and the Galleria Mall) and we sat on the patio and enjoyed our subs. The Rock Hill location is also dog-friendly (p.s. and open on Sundays). And, yes…Louis loved a taste of the Amighetti’s Special.

The next time you’re in St. Louis– go out of your way to stop at Amighetti’s and pick up one of these amazing sandwiches! In fact, you might even want to get one or two to-go! (They sell whole sandwiches as well).

p.s. I also recommend ordering a side of their bread & butter with a side of meatballs. Very inexpensive and so delicious!