What’s Your Fave Road Trip Song?

I’m a fan of road trips (planned or unplanned). I have a few trips in mind for this spring and summer. It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour drive or a five hour drive. One of the best parts of the trip is driving, looking at scenery, and listening to music (and stopping at lots of touristy places). Don’t forget the music (it’s important). Here’s my all-time favorite road trip song:



I listened to “The Weight” on many road trips with my parents and brother and I never get tired of listening to the song. What’s your favorite road trip song? Leave me a note in the comments.

p.s. Have you seen Elizabethtown? Here’s the best advice about listening to music while on a road trip: “Some music needs air. Roll down your window.” So true!

See: On Golden Pond at IRT (through May 10)

Going to see a play is one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday/Saturday evening. I had the opportunity to see Indiana Repertory Theatre’s last show of the 2014/2015 season: On Golden Pond (by Ernest Thompson).

Here’s the synopsis (from irtlive.com)

“As Ethel and Norman return to the familiar summer ritual of their tranquil vacation home on the water, they get a surprise guest in the form of their daughter’s young stepson-to-be. This tender tale paints an honest look at the labors and liveliness of a couple in the midst of their twilight years. This beloved Tony Award winning play reminds us that each moment we receive is a gift we share with those we love.”

On Golden Pond is one of my top movie picks and I couldn’t believe I’d never seen the play.

Let’s talk about IRT. It’s one of the best theatres around to see a play and you’re right in downtown Indianapolis. Perfect! Make an evening of it and go out to dinner and then see On Golden Pond.

On Golden Pond is a sweet and touching play about family relationships and second chances. It’s never too late to try to correct a misunderstanding/hurt feelings and repair a relationship. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner and this is an ideal play to see with a parent, loved one or family members.


Photos of IRT's On Golden Pond                                                         Norman Thayer, Jr. (Robert Elliott) and Ethel Thayer (Darrie Lawrence) (photo courtesy of IRT)

I enjoyed the performances in this play (especially Robert Elliott and Darrie Lawrence) and while there are some serious moments…there are those equally funny/light-hearted moments. The set and scenery were so well made that I actually thought I was peeking into a lakeside Maine retreat. The music by Carrie Newcomer is just the right mix of sweet and nostalgic. I enjoyed listening to the music as we (the audience) watched the set changes. Very cool. It made me feel like I was behind the scenes at IRT!


Photo of IRT's On Golden Pond

 Chelsea Thayer Wayne (Constance Macy), Ethel Thayer (Darrie Lawrence) and Norman Thayer, Jr. (Robert Elliott) (photo courtesy of IRT)

On Golden Pond is at IRT through May 10. Adult tickets are $25-$59 and student tickets are $20. You can order tickets at irtlive.com or call 317-635-5252. Don’t miss out on the chance to see this show at IRT.

*Disclosure: I received tickets to see On Golden Pond. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Don’t miss the opportunity to see On Golden Pond at IRT.


Hey friends. How have ya been. It’s Friday and gorgeous outside. Time for a margarita- am I right? Oh yeah. I’ve been away for a bit and thought I’d share a few of my latest finds/faves.

Bon Appétempt (A Coming of Age Story (with Recipes!) I’m a longtime fan of Amelia’s blog by the same name (the link is above) and read the book in one sitting. The book is funny, sweet (how Amelia met her husband, Matt), sad and there are plenty of fun recipes that I can’t wait to try! I highly, highly recommend this book.


Bon Appétempt: A Coming of Age Story (with Recipes!)

I’m crazy for sushi and would eat it at least a few times a week. I’m still in search of a few new places- but I usually end up my favorite place, Ocean World. The sushi is always fresh and tasty!


Sushi from Ocean World in Indianapolis

I made this relish tray the other night and it includes some of my favorites: olives (I always have a few kinds of olives in the fridge), Persian cucumbers (the best!), fresh asparagus, carrots and some homemade deviled eggs (no pickles or relish the deviled eggs).


relish tray with plenty of fresh asparagus!

 Lulu’s Coffee + Bakehouse I could not figure out what to bring to a recent work pitch-in so I decided to swing by Lulu’s and pick up a quiche. This one is gluten-free (potato crus) with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. Yum! It was the ideal way to start off the workday:)


Spinach and sun dried tomato quiche from Lulu's in Indianapolis


So what’s new with you? What are some of your finds/faves? Leave me a note in the comments.