Summer Idea #7: The Indianapolis Public Library

One of my fave places in Indy is The Indianapolis Public Library. Yeah, I know the library is nothing new, but have you visited lately? The Indianapolis Public Library rocks. I go to the library on a regular basis and it’s such a relaxing place to read a book, work on a project or ask for some research help from one of the librarians (who are always helpful).

Here are 5 things I love about The Indianapolis Public Library.


It’s free if you’re a Marion County resident. Who doesn’t love free?

Lots to check out—including new books & you can check out e-books and stream movies!

You can find so many new books at the library. Simply look the books up on the library’s site and request them to be shipped to your library branch. You’ll receive an email notification when your book is available for pick up/check out. Easy! You may have to wait a few weeks or a bit longer for a brand new book (like a NY Times Best Seller), but that’s not bad at all and it’s free!

Open 7 Days a Week

You can find a branch that is open 7 days a week. (Not all of them are—but most are open daily, except for holidays).

Events and Classes

There is a regular schedule of free classes and events for kids and adults.


There’s a ton of research information on The Indianapolis Public Library’s site, including newspapers and magazines, and health and business resources, and even an online language lab to brush up on your language skills. Need more in-depth research? Stop by your local branch and ask one of the librarians.

Summer Idea # 6: Byrne’s Grilled Pizza Food Truck

I’m behind with trying different food trucks in Indy so I thought summer would be a good time to catch up. I’m sharing a few of my faves and one of them is Byrne’s Grilled Pizza.

Earlier this summer I tried a slice of Byrne’s Grilled Pizza at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market. I like the crispy, cracker-style crust and the quality toppings they use. I was thrilled to try them again a few weeks ago.

I’m normally pretty traditional about what I like on pizza…usually sausage or cheese, but sometimes it’s good to shake it up every now and then. I decided to go all out and I ordered one of their specials- a California pizza and opted for pesto (I’m crazy for good pesto) instead of marinara sauce…On the pizza were slices of avocado (one of my faves, but I haven’t tried it on pizza), Smoking Goose bacon (!!), tomatoes, spinach and cheese. It was so tasty… and plenty to share for 2 people.  I’m glad I decided to shake up my pizza routine. You can order a pizza separately or make a meal of it with a drink and breadsticks for around $12.


photo of Byrne's Grilled Pizza Food Truck

Byrne’s Grilled Pizza Food Truck


For info on their schedule, menu, party planning info & more…check with Byrne’s Grilled Pizza‘s site (

What are some of your favorite Indy food trucks? Let me know and leave a comment. Thanks.


photo of Byrne's Grilled Pizza Food Trick

Byrne’s Grilled Pizza Food Truck

Summer Idea # 5: Chef Dan’s Food Truck

I’m here sharing summer ideas (have fun without breaking the bank) and I’m back with Summer Idea # 5: Chef Dan’s Food Truck.

I’m trying out more of the food trucks and thought I’d share some of my faves with you.

Chef Dan’s serves southern food and Cajun food. Below is their fried chicken sandwich on a bun with a tasty remoulade and lettuce and tomato. I opted for the meal, which was $11 with fries, a side of banana pudding and a root beer from the Triple XXX diner in West Lafayette. It was a ton of food (definitely couldn’t finish it all and saved the banana pudding for later).

The chicken sandwich was a pounded chicken filet, lightly breaded…It was an excellent chicken sandwich.

I can’t wait to try Chef Dan’s again and I think they’d be an awesome option for a party or event.

Check out their website ( for their menu and schedule.


Fried chicken sandwich with fries.

Fried chicken sandwich with fries.


What are some of your fave Indy area food trucks? Leave me a note in the comments!