Visit St. Louis – Amighetti’s

Hi! I was recently in St. Louis to visit family and of course had to make a few foodie stops. The next time you visit St. Louis – Amighetti’s is a MUST.

They make one of my all-time favorite sub sandwiches. I can’t replicate it… I’ve tried. I recommend visiting St. Louis to get the real deal. Amighetti’s has been around since the 1920’s so they definitely know what they’re doing.

Here’s the scoop on the sandwich:

Amighetti Special

“Made with ham, choice roast beef, Genoa salami, brick cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, pepperoncini, and special dressing.”


photo of sandwiches from Amighetti's


There are so many things that make this sandwich so tasty…the bread (which you can’t find the same kind in Indy), the meat, the sauce… it all rocks. And, not expensive at all. The special above is a half sandwich with a side and a drink for around 7 bucks. If you get a side- I recommend the coleslaw.

I visited the Rock Hill location (which is super close to Brentwood and the Galleria Mall) and we sat on the patio and enjoyed our subs. The Rock Hill location is also dog-friendly (p.s. and open on Sundays). And, yes…Louis loved a taste of the Amighetti’s Special.

The next time you’re in St. Louis– go out of your way to stop at Amighetti’s and pick up one of these amazing sandwiches! In fact, you might even want to get one or two to-go! (They sell whole sandwiches as well).

p.s. I also recommend ordering a side of their bread & butter with a side of meatballs. Very inexpensive and so delicious!


Culture List – Anne of Green Gables

photo of Anne of Green Gables

Anne (Megan Follows) and Gilbert (Jonathan Crombie)

I’m a total pop culture fan or should I call myself a pop culture enthusiast? (which I’ve chatted about a bunch here on the blog). Let me know if you fellow pop culture fans appreciate this info.

In memorium

I was completely bummed when I read about the sudden death of Jonathan Crombie (who played Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables). Guys out there may not know, but Anne of Green Gables was the thing back in the day for pretty much most teenage girls. It was the Pride and Prejudice for the teen crowd. I watched the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ films a bunch (probably way too many times to admit) and was gaga for them back in the day. I think a lot of teenage girls were looking for a guy like Gilbert… smart, funny and good to the core.

I particularly enjoyed reading these articles/remembrances of Jonathan Crombie:

Why we loved Gilbert Blythe (New Yorker), Jonathan Crombie remembered by Megan Follows (Entertainment Weekly), and Make way for the real literary hero – Gilbert Blythe (The Guardian).

I’ve never visited Price Edward Island –it’s still on my list of places to visit. If you’ve been to PEI – I’d love to know your thoughts. Leave me a note in the comments.



Hey. It’s time for another finds/faves. Placemats, desserts and pizza!!! Some of my fave things. -A.

What are you enjoying lately? I’d like to know. Leave me a note in the comments.


placemats from Half Price Books


Foodie placemats

I’m a fan of these stylish paper placements which are $7.99 for 50 at Half Price Books. Fun to use indoor/outdoor. They’re not thin and hold up well. Check Half Price Books stores for varieties.



lemon square from The Cake Bake Shop


The Cake Bake Shop

I’ve visited the shop a few times and it reminds me of a store you’d find in a Nancy Meyers movie or in Chicago or New York. I found myself thinking, “I want all of it!”  Everything is so chic and I love the music playing (any kind of French tunes to Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.”) But let’s get serious here. This is a bakery with very fine products from the wonderful lemon squares to tasty cookies (on and on). And, the gorgeously tall Earl’s Court Chocolate Cake? Insanely good. Ina loved it and Elton too.  The Cake Bake Shop is not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for and this is high, high quality pastries and baked goods. We’re talking the best ingredients and skilled bakers. I’ll gladly pay a bit more for the killer desserts. Next time I plan to pop in for a glass of Champagne. I can always find a reason to celebrate!



pizza from Coalition


Pizza and salad is such a perfect combo. I’m a fan of Coalition’s thin crust pizza made the way I like it (slightly charred crust) and their antipasti and house salad. The antipasti is a variety of meats with roasted eggplant, peppers, olives, cheese, and served with awesome bread (which is baked in the pizza oven). I generally order a small house salad and a few of their tasty dressings like Balsamic Fig or Creamy Romano. Coalition does a lot of carry out business and I’ve never had an issue with an order. Next time you’re in Carmel or close to, make a stop at Coalition. p.s. I’ve also tried their meatballs and pasta. Very good as well.

antipasti from Coalition


Pizza, antipasti and salad… The weather is so fantastic lately… pick up a carry out order and enjoy with friends + a bottle of wine!