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Say Anything (25 Years)

Say Anything (25 Years)


Diane Court (Ione Skye) and Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack)… 25 years (as of 4/14/2014). Say Anything was one of my fave movies back then and in my opinion it still holds up as a realistic teen love story/modern day romance. Cameron Crowe is the man.

A few mentions/info about the 25th anniversary.

Say Anything Turns 25! by Cameron Crowe (

Say Anything turns 25: The film’s best musical moments by Whitney Matheson (

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel (from upcoming Back to Front film)


Are you a fan of Say Anything? What are your fave parts/lines? Leave me a note in the comments.











Green Bean Delivery & a Discount For You

One of the bin deliveries I’ve received from Green BEAN Delivery.

I’m a fan of Green BEAN Delivery and here’s why:

1. It’s super convenient & affordable.

You receive an email with your order for the week. You can stick with what’s being delivered or you can change the order or add things to it.  A few days later (depending on your delivery day) there’s a bin waiting for you! So easy. Green BEAN Delivery is affordable. A small produce bin which is for about 2-3 people is $35.00. Believe me that you receive a lot of produce!  And sometimes I’ll pay more and add a few other products like eggs, milk or bread to the bin…which saves me a trip to the grocery store. You can also order a lot of local products like HUSK corn, Smoking Goose meats, U-Relish, Scholar’s Inn breads and more.


Have you wanted to try Green BEAN Delivery?

Have you wanted to try Green BEAN Delivery?


2. It’s a good opportunity to try more local produce/organic produce and products. 

I admit I don’t buy 100% organic or local, but I try to when I can and I love that all of the produce from Green BEAN is either organic or local.

3. I’m switching up what I cook.

Here's a photo of a bine delivery I received.

Here’s a photo of a bin delivery I received.


I think of each bin delivery as a challenge to cook a few new meals. There might be an item in the bin that I don’t normally cook with a lot– such as kale or rainbow chard. This gives me the opportunity to try a new recipe or two. Need some recipe inspiration? You can find recipes on Green BEAN’s website (

Have you always wanted to try Green BEAN Delivery? Here’s your chance. First timers and those reactivating an account can receive $15 off their first bin delivery! Isn’t that awesome? Check out Green BEAN’s site ( for more info on what you can order.

Here’s what you do: Enter: 15IA2ml at checkout. This code is good until 4/21/14.

Note: $15 off is for first time orders and reactivations only.


Disclosure: I did not receive any product/services in exchange for this post. I’m a supporter of Green BEAN Delivery and what they do and thought my readers might enjoy trying the service.

Wish I Was Here



I can’t wait to see this movie (in theaters in July).

p.s. Zach Braff, Mandy Patinkin…and music by The Shins… love!