October Culture List (Indy)

photo of pumpkins Indiana

Let’s chat about some happenings in Indy. Here’s my roundup for some events happening in October and early November. I’ll post more of these as I hear about ‘em. There’s so much happening in the Indy area in October! I’m including a few kid-friendly events also.


For the kids

Creepy Carnival at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ Haunted House through October 31 (info and tickets on The Children’s Museum’s site here)


Crouching Tigers at Indianapolis Public Library. “Crouching Tigers is a mindful martial arts program that is dedicated to the social and emotional development of children ages 2 to 7.” There are 2 upcoming free classes on October 22 and November 10. (info and tickets on the Crouching Tigers site here)



Heartland Film Festival runs through October 25  (coverage on the official Heartland site and on The Film Yap site (which I contribute to)


Midnight Madness at Landmark Theatres Friday and Saturday nights at Midnight through November 1 (my favorite theatre in Indy, info and tickets here )



Red (the play about painter Mark Rothko) at IRT (info and tickets on IRT’s site)


What are some of your favorite October happenings in Indy? Leave me a note in the comments!

Fall Faves: The Famous Tomato

My favorite month in Indy is October. There’s just something about October here in Indiana. The leaves! So beautiful. Warm apple cider! I love it all. Bring on fall. I’m having fun getting out and doing some exploring. A girl about town kinda thing.

My aunt Jean (who always tells me about new places! thank you) raved to me about The Famous Tomato and told me I needed to check it out. Not too long ago she and my uncle Bruce and my parents visited The Famous Tomato and told me they had a good time and I needed to check it out. They also let me try some mighty tasty homemade salsa (I’m a salsa addict) and a few hot sauces.

I knew about The Famous Tomato (formerly known as Old Farm Market Express) but had not visited the Indy location (super close to Speedway). I visited the Avon location (it closed a few years ago) a few times.

The Famous Tomato reminds me of a farm stand that I would stop and visit on a road trip.


photo of The Famous Tomato in Indianapolis

I would like all of these pumpkins.

photo of The Famous Tomato in Indianapolis

 I’ll take mini pumpkins.

photo of gourds at The Famous Tomato in Indianapoli

 gourds too!

photo of vintage sodas at The Famous Tomato

Vintage sodas! You can buy them separately or get a 4-pack mix and match. I’m a fan of Cheerwine and Ale 8. What about you?

salad bar at The Famous Tomato

The popular salad bar at The Famous Tomato. It’s reasonably priced and stocked with lots of stuff. My aunt and uncle and parents said it’s quite tasty. I’m kinda crazy for a great salad bar. There are a few tables where you can enjoy your salad outside.

caramel apples at The Famous Tomato

Caramel apple? Yes, please.

You’ll find a variety of Indiana products at The Famous Tomato. Cider, popcorn and other Indiana products-  you’ll find them here. And, don’t leave without picking up some hot sauce (they have lots of varieties). The Famous Tomato is a gem here in Indy and I’ll be back soon.

The Famous Tomato, 5002 W. 10th St., Indianapolis (317) 390-4347.


See: Chris Franjola at Morty’s Comedy Joint October 16-18

Hey Indy. If you like to laugh- check out who will be performing live this Thursday-Saturday (October 16-18) at Morty’s Comedy Joint.

Chris Franjola (photo credit: Morty’s Comedy Joint)

photo of comedia Chris Franjola


You know Chris Franjola from “Chelsea Lately” and “After Lately” on E! where he was a writer and performer. He currently performs stand-up around the country and is the host of the popular show “Anarchy Afterword” (all about FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”). You can find his comedy album “The Shallow End” which is available on iTunes beginning today. This is Chris Franjola’s first visit to Indy.

Here’s a quick Q &A with Chris Franjola.

Are you going to be involved in Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show?

Yeah, we haven’t really figured everything out yet. I think I’m involved in it as well. She wants me to go over there. It looks like that’s going to happen.

Do you have any projects coming up (stand-up etc.)?

I’ve got an album coming out. I host the “Sons of Anarchy” after show on FX. The live after show, we wrap up that week’s episode. That’s been fun, a whole different crowd than “Chelsea Lately.” I have a couple of other things in the fire right now, we’ll see what happens.


Don’t miss the opportunity to see Chris Franjola in Indy October 16-18. You can get tickets and show times at mortyscomedy.com or call (317) 848-5500. Morty’s is a fun venue to see live comedy in Indy. Do it! Get to laughing already. Laughter is good.